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Beautiful Boy

We went to dinner last night, and then took Nick for a haircut. Great Clips, as you do. He patiently waited for his turn. Then, when it was his turn, he smiled and made small talk with the hair stylist.

He made small talk with the stylist.

For years, the same stylists would try to talk to him and he smiled at them with nothing to say. Or at least, without the ability, confidence, social skills to say anything. There has always been a lot going on inside, it just didn’t have a way out.

The stylist looked at me a couple times during the haircut and said “Does he ever get upset?” and “He is sweet down to his core.” and to him “You are my very favorite client.” and “You have made my whole day. We should all be more like you.”

The stylist next to her poked her head over and said “He smiled the whole time, didn’t he? I have never seen him not smiling.”

Sometimes a simple haircut can make a mom’s day too.

With his sister away with a friend for the weekend, he is enjoying his special time. We had donuts for breakfast and have already made cookies and played foosball.

He asked if I was letting him catch up to me in foosball. The truth? Nope. He loves foosball and is getting better and better every day. He’ll be beating me soon enough, so I’m taking all the wins I can right now. And when he beats me, he’ll know it was because he won, fair and square.

We’re honest with each other like that. At the end of the game, for a split second he might be sad that he lost, but faster than you can even realize it, he’s happy that I won. Because he loves me and he wants me to win everything. He roots for everyone before himself.

As we were making the cookies he started singing “Beautiful Boy” quietly to himself. I didn’t even know he knew that song but I joined right in singing with him. He smiled even bigger.

I asked him where he learned the song. It’s from a movie he likes, so no mom points for introducing him to the greats. We sang it together once and then he started changing the words to be Beautiful Fiona and Beautiful LuLu. He didn’t want to be the center of attention.

But he is the center of my attention. Even when I’m not doing a great job of showing him that. So I grabbed him, and we danced a little, and sang some more.

Me and my Beautiful Boy. 



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Hubris: overbearing pride or presumption

I went from a parenting high to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I’m buckled up and waiting to see what today brings.


“It’s time to eat,” my husband said while moving toward the remote.

“But it’s not over yet!!” she said.

“There are only two minutes left. We already know how it ends.”

“Dad, what would you say if you had watched a whole football game and someone made you turn it off with *only* two minutes left?”

(Me smiling like crazy downstairs.)

“Wow. Uh, OK. Good point.”

(Love that girl.)

catch up

It’s been too long and too many little moments have slipped by. I can’t possibly go back and recount them all, so I will fill in a few and then go forward with a renewed desire to share the tidbits of our lives.

* Recently at a restaurant, a man offered us his spot on a bench as we waited for our names to be called for a table. We sat for a few minutes waiting. A group of older ladies joined us in the waiting area. Just as I was about to move so one of them could sit, another group was called and a bench opened up for the ladies. All of the ladies sat except one. Nick watched the whole thing. Then he scooted over closer to me and pointed to the woman who was still standing and then back to the seat. She came over and we had a lovely conversation for the next few minutes until our table was ready. I fell in love with my son all over again that night.

* Maggie learned to whistle a week or so ago. When my parents got here, my mom was so excited that Maggie could whistle since they had practiced a few weeks ago together. I made the comment that my mom and dad had one job when they were here and that was to teach the child a song. She knows how to whistle but it’s kind of a tone-deaf ear worm kind of sound. My mom thought I was being dramatic. A few days later, my mom admitted from Chicago that in moments of quiet she could still hear the ear worm whistle in her head.

* We have an appointment towards the end of April to find out the results from Nick’s evaluations. It appears he may qualify for the preschool program, which is great. If he qualifies, that means he would leave the school he currently goes to, which will break my heart a little, but I believe the therapy he will get from the new school will make all the difference in getting him ready for kindergarten.

* Maggie has woken up twice in the last few weeks with leg pain during the night. Nothing to worry about – she’s just growing. Again. Holy Toledo, the child is going to be taller than me before she hits second grade.

* I went to the library today and checked out five books for myself. Hahahahaha.

I guess that’s it for now. It’s amazing how once I felt “behind” it got harder and harder to write. Hopefully this will get me unstuck a little. Though I do have to say, I am having a fantastic time taking pictures. I hope I’m not boring you to tears with all my photos.

Would you rather see seven at a time like I have been doing (even if I run behind) or would you rather see a three or four twice a week? (Or am I the only one who actually cares about such things?)


Yesterday, as I took a moment away from the craziness, I sat in the hot tub trying to sooth some sore muscles. My husband and children had just been in it, but I got home right as they were getting out.

Maggie walked over to me with a very serious look on her face.

“Mom, you know when you sometimes get really mad at me?”


“Uh, yes?”

“Well, it would be nice for you tell me that you forgive me. I would like to hear that.”


“Of course I forgive you! Did you think that I didn’t? I always forgive you.”

She smiled and both of us held back a few tears.

“Well, from now on, you should say it out loud instead of just in your head,” she said.

Point taken.

spiraling into No

It’s still rainy here.  Not actually raining at the moment, but rainy.  Though there is a glimmer of hope that the sun might shine later today.  

All the rain, being cooped up, the gloom, the lack of exercise is driving my children to the land of crazy.  And I am going there right along with them.

We have spiraled into No.  Don’t.  No. Stop.  No. Stop. Stop.  No.  Stop.  Don’t.

I am finding myself repeating the same words over and over.  I know in my head that I am better off explaining things in the positive.  As in Use your walking feet, instead of Don’t run.  Children hear mostly the run part, not so much the don’t part. 

There are a few that are programmed into my brain.  But the rest don’t come easy.  I have to stop and think of a way to say Don’t hit your sister with a big piece of wood that is positive.  I came up with The wooden rods stay on the floor. (long wooden rods used for counting and spatial recognition and aparently to my 2yo as a weapon of mass destruction.)

Don’t wipe your hands on your pants becomes We wipe our hands on napkins.

Don’t climb on the table becomes We sit in chairs.

Stop interrupting becomes It is my turn to talk right now.

But honestly the last three days have been about no, stop and don’t.  And it shows.  The more I correct in the negative, the more negative we all get.  They get annoyed with me and stop listening.  I get frustrated with them and am less forgiving.  We grumble around, stop off at the window to see if the reprieve has come yet, and grumble around some more.  Into a downward spiral.  Until I say NO, we will not spiral anymore!  And I send them to the basement to play while I gather my wits and regroup.

And I hear them giggle, and play, and laugh, and get along.  And I realize maybe I’m the grumpus in the group.  Maybe I need the sunshine more than they do.  I need the outdoor time more than they do.  I need to climb up from the depths of no and try a little yes.