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the rest of the story

The big news around here today:  My biopsy results came back normal!  A normal “beauty spot,” that is.  And they called today, when I wasn’t expecting the results until Tuesday, so I only in a mild panic and not full-fledged panic.  I think they could teach a few things to another doctor’s office we frequent who tells you they will have results the next day and then don’t get them or even call to say they won’t have them for two more days.  (Yes, I know I’m bitter.)

And not to long after the phone call, I finally got my appetite back.  The five pounds I have dropped this week was kind of OK, except now that I can eat again, I’m sure I will gain them back before the weekend is even over.

Now, onto other things.  I am the type of person who likes to know the whole story.  I watch the end of TV shows and movies (even if they suck) and I read the end of books (even if they suck).  I like to know the whole story.

So, here goes.

The planter  wart is looking half dead, which means it will probably need to be frozen again when I go back to have my stitches removed.

The new water heater is working just fine.  And we haven’t blown up.

I haven’t lost my car keys in four days.  Yay!

Mike is still killing bees.  Nick is still imitating him and Maggie cheers them both on.  And the fact that I told Mike he was the subject of my blog, still did not get him to read it.  I wonder sometimes just how opposite we can actually be.

Only doing slightly better with “one thing at a time.”  I found myself folding laundry with a package half ready to mail at my side.  I still try to be the most streamlined I can be in my tasks, but now realize that might not be helping me so much.  It took me over three hours to wrap a package and get it ready to ship.  During those three hours I also: attended to the children 1,000,000,000 times, did three loads of laundry, checked facebook, talked on the phone, emptied the dishwasher, etc.  I really just wanted the package done.  So, one thing at a time – needs work.

I still think Nicholas is making great strides.  His teacher mentioned to me how much he is talking (then she named the three words he said that day.  When saying three words is a lot, you can begin to imagine how mute very quiet he was.)  But I was glad that she agreed with me.  And he talks a lot at home now. 

Maggie has been about 50/50 with unpacking her lunch box.  She is doing it everyday she has school, but sometimes I still have to remind her.  My goal is not having to mention it at all.

I have had a few hearty laughs at my really great day post.  As in, haven’t had any since then.  But hey, the bad ones make us notice the good ones.

We didn’t make it to China after Maggie’s doctor appointment.   I think the only trip we made that day was to the grocery store.  But they upped her dose again, so hopefully that will even things out.  We have never upped it twice in 6 weeks.  She’s growing like a weed.

I have decided to leave our current pediatrician.  We will finish out May and part of June there, so I can get Maggie’s kindergarten paperwork signed and sealed and then we are out of there.  Thanks to everyone for the support.

And the beach, the kids are still pretty enthralled with the sand box and water box.  Pretty soon I will add some other activities, like melting ice, magnet work and a few other things I can incorporate into the sand and water.  I’ll get back to you on that.

I haven’t had a chance to make any more cookies, but I hope to this week.  Another practice run and I should be ready for Maggie’s birthday party.  And the baby shower.

And this turned out to be a lot more boring and rambling than I intended, so I may never do it again.