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I am posting a bit earlier than usual today.  About an hour ago I got that tickle in my throat that might very well mean I’m down for the count for a few days.  I seam to be declining quickly and this would totally explain the fact that I got NOTHING done today.  Thought I’d go ahead and post so I can keep my streak going… and at least have done SOMETHING.

First, I forgot to tell you the limeade part of yesterday’s blog.  I bought some limeade at the grocery when I had some girlfriends over for book club last week.  To my surprise and joy, I liked it (as did many of my friends) but no one in my family does.  You can’t know the joy of having something that is mine and mine only.  I can leave it there for 4 days and it will be there when I go looking for it.  I can drink it all in one day and no one will complain.  It’s mine and mine alone.  About the only other grocery item that this pertains to is mint chocolate chip ice cream.  The kids would love to eat it, but they know not of it’s existence.  My husband calls it “mouthwash” and never touches it.  I can safely assume that if I buy it, I will be the only one to consume it.  I now have two things all to myself.

Some funny things since I’m pretty brain dead:

Maggie has picked out her birthday cake (birthday not until June, mind you, turning 5) from the grocery store.  It’s a three layer WEDDING CAKE.  If we are already picking out wedding cakes for birthdays, what in the world kind of wedding cake will she want…I have a feeling we’ll be planning one helluva wedding when that day eventually arrives.  So we look at it, now, every time we grocery shop.  I haven’t figured out how I’m going to talk her back into cupcakes this year.

In the car the other day:

“Mom, do babies come from factories where they have a lot of bones?” 

Nicholas has stopped (for the time being anyway) eating used Q-tips.  Can you think of anything much more gross than that?  (Gross that he was eating them, not gross that he stopped.)

That’s it for today.  Hopefully I just need a good night’s rest and some Emergen-C.  And for this election to be over so I can resume my normal schedule.  Either that or move out of the country.


cookies and limeade

I was so happy today that I remembered my “one cent” coupon at the grocery store.  It comes in the Sunday paper and is good on Sunday and Monday.  You give them a penny, they give you the item of the week, usually their store brand of something or other.  When I have remembered in the past I have gotten a bottle of ranch dressing and a roll of paper towels.  Not bad for a penny.  Nonetheless, I typically forget it.  I also have done the whole shopping trip with it in my hand, only to get to the parking lot, with it still in my hand.

So today I enlisted the help of my four year old.  She got to hold the coupon in her pocket and her job was to help me remember to give it to the cashier.  From the front seat of the car I asked her if she had pockets in her shorts.  She replied “Of course, mom”  with a little eye roll, like I ask her that ten times every day.  So she was the coupon keeper.  Fine with me!

We did the shopping and got close to the checkout.  We did a pretty good job today, as usual, of getting mostly healthy items.  She got to chose one special thing and today it was muffin tops.  She had asked for them before, and we agreed to try them today and evaluate whether we think they are junky or not.  The deal was also that they were for after a healthy breakfast, not to be counted AS breakfast.  As we wheeled up to the conveyor belt, I asked what we needed to remember to do.  She fished out the coupon in one swift motion and held onto it until she could reach the man checking out our groceries. 

He took it from her with a smile and in one swift motion handed her a whole bag of store brand oreo cookies.  Eeek, gads.  She looked like she had won the freakin’ lottery.  She kept nudging her brother and pointing to their wonderful bounty.  This is not to say that Oreos have not graced our cabinets.  They have, though they go straight into the mommy section that is not for little people.  Did I mention Maggie has a memory like a machine – she will not forget.  She will ask for “those little black and white cookies that the grocery man gave us for a penny” until she is blue in the face.  So I will relent, and I will give her two and then again tomorrow or the next time she asks another two.  Then I will swap them into a ziploc when she is asleep, hide them away and show her the almost empty bag as she gets to have the “last two.”   She will ask what has happened to the rest and I will blame her father.  Heh.

In his defense, not that I should defend, after about a minute, the grocery man apologized to me for handing her the cookies.  Thanks, grocery man.  I think he realized from her joy and my look of shock, and maybe from the other things going past the scanner, that Oreos would be a nice penny item that could have slyly been bagged with the large Hershey bar I usually buy.  I will say I think he was excited at her excitement at giving him the coupon.  He probably thought “How perfect!  Cookies for the little girl!”  Before we left he told her she could only eat them when her mom said it was OK.  He was working hard, but the damage had been done.  My child will have black teeth at least 3 times in the next week.  (I will have black teeth way more than that…)