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End of December

It’s pretty bad when you can’t even remember your password to write a post. Ahem. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Nick is now 5. Five. Wow. In a way it seems like he’s been 5 for a while, but in other ways, it can still sneak up on you. If he’s five, then Maggie is 7 1/2. Seven and a half is almost 8. I’m not sure I like where this is heading. I am trying to not worry about the teenage years until they are, you know, teenagers. (So my boy turns 5 and I’m talking about teenagers. I know… I know…)

Nick also is now tonsil and adenoid free. He’s breathing better, sleeping better, eating better and this week I can say for sure it was the right call. Actually as soon as the surgeon described the adenoids I knew it was the right call, but there’s that moment when your child wakes up from anesthesia that makes you wonder why you let these monsters touch your sweet baby, let alone carve part of their bodies out. He’s beyond all that, and was actually a pretty easy going patient. I could tell the day he felt better when he started messing with the cats again.

(P.S. for anyone who is having a tonsillectomy – 10 day recovery period. No lie. Ten days.)

And now we sit on the precipice of a new year – I’m a resolution maker. I am. Although I make resolutions just about every day, so it’s not really anything different for me. In late December, I usually write them down in a note on my phone and some years I look at the last year’s note and go with those. Other years, it’s a whole new list.

Some things I’m going to do this year (not resolutions, more goals):

take up knitting again, successfully this time.

launch a new website, with two redesigns on my current sites

pay off my super-duper new commercial embroidery machine (don’t worry, you’ll be hearing plenty about that soon.)

get back to more personal writing and documenting of our lives.

What about you? Do you make resolutions? Goals? Anything new you want to tackle in 2012?


one thing at a time

I have a draft started of a post touting all the ways I multi-task throughout the day.  Some entertaining, some annoying, some just plain necessary.

But lately I have been finding myself not completing things.  And getting sidetracked a lot.  My multi-tasking had finally started to cost me productivity.

So I am adding to my ever-growing list of goals: one thing at a time.  (OK, maybe two things, but definitely not three things and never four things.)  (Does anyone else have as hard a time as I do spelling definitely I need to come up with an alternate word, or I guess I could just learn to spell it.  Wait a minute – where was I?  Oh, yes.  One thing at a time.)

My goals.  I also have a draft started about the goals I set for myself for 2009.  I figure the end of April is a good time to go back and see how I’m doing.  Better than waiting until the end of December when it’s too late for 2009.  Are you meeting any of your 2009 goals?

a to-do list for the next generation

I am so tired of being sick.  I can only imagine how tired you must be of hearing me whine about being sick, so I’m going to move on to something else as soon as I get a bit more whine out: Whatever little elf is inside my head wielding the ball peen hammer on the back of my eye sockets is kindly asked to vacate the premises ASAP, thankyouverymuch.

Now then, during our wonderful day yesterday, where Maggie and I got to spend some QT together, I found the perfect situation to use something I had read about.  I can’t even remember what book it came from, probably more than one, but the idea is to write down the things that your child finds important.  Write it down with them, as they tell you what to write (obviously this is for kiddos that aren’t old enough to write yet.)  It is amazing how important and valuable they feel when you take the time to write down a few things.

We have done this before with her birthday list.  We have an ongoing list of people who are invited and uninvited to her birthday (the biggest social event of the year to a 4YO.)  Mostly my husband and I are the only two who get uninvited on a regular basis.  But usually we are back in good graces within a few hours, at the most.

So yesterday we were laying in her bed reading one of the Magic Tree House books and she started naming a few things she really wanted to do.  A bucket list, if you will.  Though I don’t want to call it a bucket list, because she is only 4 and I am pretending that she will live forever.  Here are the things that Maggie would like to do when she is older:

Ride a camel.

See a tree frog.

Go to Africa.

Go on a rocket ship to Mercury and the moon.

And she added later:

See the Dixie Chicks in concert.

Um, did I mention that she is four?  I was pretty impressed with her list.  I restrained myself from making any suggestions; I would have suggested visiting Mars before Mercury because of the whole ball of fire thing, but this is her list.  Back when I was four, I doubt anyone thought we would be walking around with phones/computers in our pockets, so I guess anything is possible.

I will keep her list with me and add things to it as she comes up with them.  I really can’t emphasize enough the look on her face when I suggested we write these things down.  It is such an easy thing to do and yet such a powerful message of worth.