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Beautiful Boy

We went to dinner last night, and then took Nick for a haircut. Great Clips, as you do. He patiently waited for his turn. Then, when it was his turn, he smiled and made small talk with the hair stylist.

He made small talk with the stylist.

For years, the same stylists would try to talk to him and he smiled at them with nothing to say. Or at least, without the ability, confidence, social skills to say anything. There has always been a lot going on inside, it just didn’t have a way out.

The stylist looked at me a couple times during the haircut and said “Does he ever get upset?” and “He is sweet down to his core.” and to him “You are my very favorite client.” and “You have made my whole day. We should all be more like you.”

The stylist next to her poked her head over and said “He smiled the whole time, didn’t he? I have never seen him not smiling.”

Sometimes a simple haircut can make a mom’s day too.

With his sister away with a friend for the weekend, he is enjoying his special time. We had donuts for breakfast and have already made cookies and played foosball.

He asked if I was letting him catch up to me in foosball. The truth? Nope. He loves foosball and is getting better and better every day. He’ll be beating me soon enough, so I’m taking all the wins I can right now. And when he beats me, he’ll know it was because he won, fair and square.

We’re honest with each other like that. At the end of the game, for a split second he might be sad that he lost, but faster than you can even realize it, he’s happy that I won. Because he loves me and he wants me to win everything. He roots for everyone before himself.

As we were making the cookies he started singing “Beautiful Boy” quietly to himself. I didn’t even know he knew that song but I joined right in singing with him. He smiled even bigger.

I asked him where he learned the song. It’s from a movie he likes, so no mom points for introducing him to the greats. We sang it together once and then he started changing the words to be Beautiful Fiona and Beautiful LuLu. He didn’t want to be the center of attention.

But he is the center of my attention. Even when I’m not doing a great job of showing him that. So I grabbed him, and we danced a little, and sang some more.

Me and my Beautiful Boy. 



This week’s random act of kindness involved cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. I recently made a recipe that Secret Agent Mama recommended. We loved the cookies, but I wished I had doubled the recipe. Since we were going to be giving away some of the cookies (and truth be told, I offered to make some for a gathering I was going to anyway) I decided not only to double the recipe, but to triple it.


I’m still kicking myself for not taking a picture of the MOUNTAIN of cookies I made.

Maggie didn’t even have both feet in the front door before she asked what she smelled. That girl has a nose for chocolate, no doubt about it. Mike just stared in disbelief when he walked in the garage door.

And I may or may not have gotten the whim whams from eating a bit of cookie dough. Ahem.

This week, so far, we have gifted cookies to Maggie’s teacher, Nick’s team of teachers, both of Nick’s bus drivers, Maggie’s bus driver and three people who work at the grocery store. Nick is a huge fan of the grocery store and everyone there is so nice to him. We love Dana in the meat department. I get soap opera updates from one of the checkers and we gave some to a random helper who works the self-check lane. Sadly, the guys who normally bag the groceries and let Nick help them bag the groceries weren’t there today.

I think we picked a good day to do it. The grocery store was P-A-C-K-E-D because snow was expected tonight. (I’m not kidding when I say one inch of snow has turned most of our streets and interstates into a parking lot.) It felt good to bring a little unexpected happiness into their otherwise busy days.

RAoK 3

Wow. Our third Random Act of Kindness took a little longer than we expected. The plan was to make pumpkin bread to take to the police station. We bought the supplies, found a recipe, sought additional advice and then failed to cook the pumpkin bread completely. It looked like it was going to burn on top and my husband was convinced I would burn it. (I may have a history of burning things on occasion.)

So we took  it out. It looked delicious. I went upstairs to do a bit of work and when I passed through the kitchen a couple of hours later, the middle of the pumpkin bread had fallen. It was more like pumpkin pudding than pumpkin bread.

We decided we would need a mulligan. We purchased more ingredients the next day and I bought the little foil mini-muffin pans that I used last year, all while the family snacked on the edges of the pumpkin bread that were, in fact, quite tasty.

We didn’t get a chance to bake that day, but started bright and early the next day. A few hours later, we had five perfect little mini pumpkin breads.

And then it began to snow.

I should have thrown the kids in the car and delivered them right then, but we were in pajamas, and it was snowing.

We actually got a decent amount of snow and didn’t leave the house for a few days. We snacked on one to make sure they were cooked all the way through. Maggie walked one five doors down to an elderly neighbor who turned out to not be home. So we ate that one.

We did give one to a neighbor who stopped by (though I forgot she has two teenage boys, so I really should have given her more than one.)

We decided that by the time we could actually get out to deliver them to the police, they wouldn’t really be fresh. So we finished them off.

It became a running joke. My husband said I was baking things under the guise of giving them away. I decided I couldn’t look at another can of pumpkin (at least for a little while) so we moved onto cookies.

I saw this post from Mishelle and knew these were the next thing to make. I altered the ingredients slightly to be able to use what we had – crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth, and milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet. They were divine.

We gobbled up the first batch (it was a test to see what we thought.) (Hey, I’m baking in the kitchen with two kids, cut me a little slack.)

We promptly made another batch and packaged them up for delivery. We headed out on Monday which happened to be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the offices were closed.

I thought for a moment we were going to be thwarted again, but we lingered around looking helpless for just long enough for someone to come in, punch in a security code and get us where we needed to be.

We gave the cookies to the dispatch guy (not the technical term) who then sent a police man out to talk to us. The police man took us outside and showed the kids all the fancy computer stuff (not the technical term) in the police car. After lights and sirens, we let him get back to work.

(I may have had a tiny flashback to being in the back of a police car, but that’s another story for another day. Ahem.)

Our third Random Act of Kindness is in the books. I can only imagine the story that will come with the fourth.

the rest of the story

The big news around here today:  My biopsy results came back normal!  A normal “beauty spot,” that is.  And they called today, when I wasn’t expecting the results until Tuesday, so I only in a mild panic and not full-fledged panic.  I think they could teach a few things to another doctor’s office we frequent who tells you they will have results the next day and then don’t get them or even call to say they won’t have them for two more days.  (Yes, I know I’m bitter.)

And not to long after the phone call, I finally got my appetite back.  The five pounds I have dropped this week was kind of OK, except now that I can eat again, I’m sure I will gain them back before the weekend is even over.

Now, onto other things.  I am the type of person who likes to know the whole story.  I watch the end of TV shows and movies (even if they suck) and I read the end of books (even if they suck).  I like to know the whole story.

So, here goes.

The planter  wart is looking half dead, which means it will probably need to be frozen again when I go back to have my stitches removed.

The new water heater is working just fine.  And we haven’t blown up.

I haven’t lost my car keys in four days.  Yay!

Mike is still killing bees.  Nick is still imitating him and Maggie cheers them both on.  And the fact that I told Mike he was the subject of my blog, still did not get him to read it.  I wonder sometimes just how opposite we can actually be.

Only doing slightly better with “one thing at a time.”  I found myself folding laundry with a package half ready to mail at my side.  I still try to be the most streamlined I can be in my tasks, but now realize that might not be helping me so much.  It took me over three hours to wrap a package and get it ready to ship.  During those three hours I also: attended to the children 1,000,000,000 times, did three loads of laundry, checked facebook, talked on the phone, emptied the dishwasher, etc.  I really just wanted the package done.  So, one thing at a time – needs work.

I still think Nicholas is making great strides.  His teacher mentioned to me how much he is talking (then she named the three words he said that day.  When saying three words is a lot, you can begin to imagine how mute very quiet he was.)  But I was glad that she agreed with me.  And he talks a lot at home now. 

Maggie has been about 50/50 with unpacking her lunch box.  She is doing it everyday she has school, but sometimes I still have to remind her.  My goal is not having to mention it at all.

I have had a few hearty laughs at my really great day post.  As in, haven’t had any since then.  But hey, the bad ones make us notice the good ones.

We didn’t make it to China after Maggie’s doctor appointment.   I think the only trip we made that day was to the grocery store.  But they upped her dose again, so hopefully that will even things out.  We have never upped it twice in 6 weeks.  She’s growing like a weed.

I have decided to leave our current pediatrician.  We will finish out May and part of June there, so I can get Maggie’s kindergarten paperwork signed and sealed and then we are out of there.  Thanks to everyone for the support.

And the beach, the kids are still pretty enthralled with the sand box and water box.  Pretty soon I will add some other activities, like melting ice, magnet work and a few other things I can incorporate into the sand and water.  I’ll get back to you on that.

I haven’t had a chance to make any more cookies, but I hope to this week.  Another practice run and I should be ready for Maggie’s birthday party.  And the baby shower.

And this turned out to be a lot more boring and rambling than I intended, so I may never do it again.

bunnies and eggs

Whew.  In a word.  Whew.

I did, in fact, embark on my cookie baking day.  I did, in fact, do this when my four-year-old, who loves to bake, was home.  My first mistake miscalculation.  Actually, the kid is a wizard with a rolling pin.  Lots of baking with her Nana and many hours clocked with play-doh has taught her some mad skills.

I, on the other hand, had to purchase a rolling pin and a sifter just to get started today.  I wondered a few times if I was in over my head, but I think for a first try I’m going to call it a success.

I was never happier to hear the words I’m taking the kids to the park uttered by my husband right before I made the frosting.  He must have tuned in to the mental begging I was doing in my head.

They got back in time for Maggie to frost one of her own.  She ate it before I could snap a picture.  But I did take a picture of some of the final products.  I was racing bedtime for the kids at this point, so the photo itself is not my best.

easter cookies

I learned A LOT today.  I have SO MUCH more to learn.  I wouldn’t have had the courage to try without spending a good deal of time here  – now those are some beautiful cookies.  I tried to take it easy and only use two colors today. The other tray was mostly pink with purple accents. 

easter eggs

We also colored eggs today.  Maggie did most of them.  I wrote the letters since the wax crayon was invisible at first and she didn’t care for that.





Oh, and the bunny.  The real one.  Crystal is spending the weekend with us.  He (yes, Crystal is a he)  lives at the kids’ school and I offered to bring him home over the long weekend.  



Maggie with bunny

Maggie couldn’t be happier to have Crystal with us.  Crystal sleeps in his cage, which is in Maggie’s room.  She has helped to feed him, clean out his poop and can’t wait to give him his treat tomorrow.  He gets to have one carrot as a treat, and I figured tomorrow would be the perfect day for a treat.  Crystal even got to come down to the basement with us on Friday during the tornado warning.





Nicholas cryingNicholas, on the other hand, is fine when the bunny is in his cage, but looks like this when we let it out of the cage.  Mind you, the bunny was a good seven feet away from him, but out of the cage is out of the cage.  Maybe once he gets over his fear of all animals, he will end up being a vet or a zoologist.

cookies and limeade

I was so happy today that I remembered my “one cent” coupon at the grocery store.  It comes in the Sunday paper and is good on Sunday and Monday.  You give them a penny, they give you the item of the week, usually their store brand of something or other.  When I have remembered in the past I have gotten a bottle of ranch dressing and a roll of paper towels.  Not bad for a penny.  Nonetheless, I typically forget it.  I also have done the whole shopping trip with it in my hand, only to get to the parking lot, with it still in my hand.

So today I enlisted the help of my four year old.  She got to hold the coupon in her pocket and her job was to help me remember to give it to the cashier.  From the front seat of the car I asked her if she had pockets in her shorts.  She replied “Of course, mom”  with a little eye roll, like I ask her that ten times every day.  So she was the coupon keeper.  Fine with me!

We did the shopping and got close to the checkout.  We did a pretty good job today, as usual, of getting mostly healthy items.  She got to chose one special thing and today it was muffin tops.  She had asked for them before, and we agreed to try them today and evaluate whether we think they are junky or not.  The deal was also that they were for after a healthy breakfast, not to be counted AS breakfast.  As we wheeled up to the conveyor belt, I asked what we needed to remember to do.  She fished out the coupon in one swift motion and held onto it until she could reach the man checking out our groceries. 

He took it from her with a smile and in one swift motion handed her a whole bag of store brand oreo cookies.  Eeek, gads.  She looked like she had won the freakin’ lottery.  She kept nudging her brother and pointing to their wonderful bounty.  This is not to say that Oreos have not graced our cabinets.  They have, though they go straight into the mommy section that is not for little people.  Did I mention Maggie has a memory like a machine – she will not forget.  She will ask for “those little black and white cookies that the grocery man gave us for a penny” until she is blue in the face.  So I will relent, and I will give her two and then again tomorrow or the next time she asks another two.  Then I will swap them into a ziploc when she is asleep, hide them away and show her the almost empty bag as she gets to have the “last two.”   She will ask what has happened to the rest and I will blame her father.  Heh.

In his defense, not that I should defend, after about a minute, the grocery man apologized to me for handing her the cookies.  Thanks, grocery man.  I think he realized from her joy and my look of shock, and maybe from the other things going past the scanner, that Oreos would be a nice penny item that could have slyly been bagged with the large Hershey bar I usually buy.  I will say I think he was excited at her excitement at giving him the coupon.  He probably thought “How perfect!  Cookies for the little girl!”  Before we left he told her she could only eat them when her mom said it was OK.  He was working hard, but the damage had been done.  My child will have black teeth at least 3 times in the next week.  (I will have black teeth way more than that…)