Game On!

I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was plowing my way through all the candy in our house (a lot) before starting my diet on Tuesday. A friend mentioned an article that says the most successful dieters don’t tell others that they are on a diet.

The funny thing is I typed out that status and paused. I wasn’t sure I wanted to “announce” a diet. I hate dieting and truthfully, have only had to think about dieting for the last 10 years of my life.

So why, you ask, are you writing a whole post about dieting? Well, I reply, I may have found my dieting niche. I certainly hope so.

The Game On! Diet  has a lot of what other diets have – being aware of calories (not necessarily counting them unless you want to), adding exercise, cutting out sugar, yada, yada.

But it also has a 4 week time frame. I like that. A lot.

It also is a competition. I like that too. A lot.

You basically team up with a friend or two and take on another couple of friends. You keep score of a lot of things – it looks scary at first, but then it really does begin to make sense. And you get to talk trash to the other team. Ha. I might be good at this. And of course, encourage your own teammates.

The book was written by Krista Vernoff (executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy) and Az Ferguson. Krista is f-u-n-n-y. I laughed out loud many times reading the book. Did you catch that? I laughed out loud reading a diet book.

In addition to the good foods in, bad foods gone, no soda (not a biggie for me), no alcohol, you also get points for 7 hours of sleep a night, implementing a good habit (of your choice) and quitting a bad habit (of your choice), and drinking a ton of water (3 liters a day – even for a water drinker like me, that’s a LOT of water.)

It’s really a lifestyle change more that a diet but if I said I was eating all the candy in my house before my life style change on Tuesday, well, it just doesn’t sound the same. Besides, it’s a four-week lifestyle change. After that I get to re-evaluate.

The best part? Are you still with me? (Or did I lose you at no soda and no alcohol?) You get a cheat day. One day a week of eating and drinking whatever you want (except soda. There’s a whole chapter on why soda is the devil.) And one extra meal not on your cheat day to eat whatever you want. Plus 100 calories a day of whatever you want. So I still get to have one lovely piece of chocolate every day.

See? See! A diet that includes competition, trash talk, chocolate and sleep. YeeeeHawww!

I’ll let you know how I do. And hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself even more by talking about it.

Oh, and if anyone is interested in joining – let me know!

(P.S. I received squat for writing this. I sound like an ad, but it’s just me, drinking the kool-aid. Well, not kool-aid, because that has a lot of sugar in it, but you know what I mean. The lovely people of Game On! have never heard of me.)


2 responses to “Game On!

  1. Heather Stephens

    I’ll play, let me know the rules of the game

  2. Just downloaded the book – will begin reading tonight- but think you can count me in.

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