After a long hiatus, I never know if I should catch you up on everything I’ve written in my head or just jump in with what’s in my head right now. (My head is a very, very full place.)

My parents have a cartoon on their wall that says “Filers should not marry pilers.” I’ve mentioned this cartoon before. I quote it all the time. What I’m just now realizing is pilers should not give birth to pilers and expect them to be filers.

Did you get that?

I’m having all sorts of drama over school work not coming home, completed homework not being turned in, and general disorganization. The guilty party (besides, well, me) doesn’t care. She has taken a few penalties at school, things that I think bother her, but she finds a way to not let it outwardly bother her.

I even talked to a counselor at school who mentioned one of the most important things:  Lead by example.

My dear piling child and I are screwed.


3 responses to “pilers

  1. I read a very interesting article recently about adult ADHD. Now, I’m not one for “labels,” but I easily checked off every description on the list. One of the things that hit home with me was the talk of the “piles.” In the counseling world they are called “ADHD piles.” I have them everywhere, in every room, and I just move them around. It is textbook. If I find that article, I will send it your way.

  2. Can my husband do it? Because I’m a piler.

  3. I’m a piler! (glances around at HORRIBLY disorganized piles on desk and on floor)

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