the wheels on the car

Note to self:

If you’re going to mess with the precious balance of the morning routine by convincing your bus-loving 7YO to ride in the car so you can drive 8 miles before school to the pharmacy (because the same pharmacy that is 2 miles away is staffed by a bunch a jerks) to get preventative ear drops that you forgot to pick up the day before, you might  want to make sure that the pharmacy will be open.

Instead, you can do the above, see the “pharmacy opens at 9” sign, groan, drive said 7YO to school to sit in the havoc of the drop-off line (still 1,000,000 times better than the pick-up line) to go home, wait for 30 minutes, repeat the trip to the pharmacy, go to school, figure out if you’re even allowed to bring a prescription onto school premises, put drops in child’s ear and never know if there was even a reason to need to drops in the first place.



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