end of summer catch up

Let’s see. It’s been a few weeks and so much has happened. I’ll try to summarize and then begin fresh.

We had a great summer. It was the perfect length and we found a rhythm. Both of my kids are growing like weeds. (I know all kids grow like weeds, but seriously, Nick was mistaken for a 1st grader multiple times in the last few weeks.)

I had some friends over for a birthday shindig that was so much fun and involved tacos and cupcakes, two of my favorite things.

We hightailed it back up to Chicago for one last visit before school started, stopping over at my friends’ home in Danville where I grew up. In Chicago we say Pinocchio at the Shakespeare Theatre, saw the Thorne Rooms in the Art Institute, went to Millennium Park, the zoo and the beach. And I got to love on my precious niece and also visit with a college friend. Whew. That was a busy week.

I did a whole bunch of volunteering at the Maggie’s school the week before classes started. It’s always nice to get back into the grove of a routine. Nick has started back at school also (same program, new location) and seems to be enjoying his days.

He did have an unfortunate encounter at the Y childcare center in which a young boy bit the crap out of his arm. Twice. Ugh. He had two sets of teeth marks that swelled up and bruised, but luckily did not require antibiotics. Our Dr noticed he was breathing heavy and checked his adenoids which were very large. I am hoping the spray we are trying helps because I’d like to avoid another surgery if possible. (Do you hear that adenoids? Shrink the heck down. Thankyouverymuch.)

Maggie lost another tooth.

Both kids went up a size in bikes. I’ll have to take some pictures soon.

I have plans for a new website/blog that will be hopefully coming soon.

I think this may be the most boring post ever and am tempted to erase it, but since I’m already this far (and apparently so are you) I’ll just leave it and promise you a more interesting read tomorrow.


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