random comments that stuck

It’s been a rough week. Back to school kicked my arse. I’m so ready for the routine to be routine again. But until then, I’m remembering back to random comments various people have said that made me happy.

1. An umpire in the softball league I played in a few (cough, ten) years ago used to call me Hoover because he said I scooped up everything on my side of the field.

2. A Sociology professor in college who called me in to explain that my paper merited an A+ but that he was forced to give me an A- because it was tardy. He was beside himself. (I focus on the A+ part, and I knew my grade was safe, even if I lost points for being late.)

3. When anyone I know tells me they like my blog. I usually shrug compliments off, but I’m trying to be better about accepting them graciously.

4. When a highly intelligent person whom I have great respect for admitted they got a D in Chemistry to make me feel better about the D I got in Economics.

5. When my children both want me to put them to bed (even though bedtime is a total PITA) because it means I’m doing something right.



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