Maggie has had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket for over a month now. (In previous years, we deposited birthday money straight into her college fund, but this year she caught on.) Yesterday she decided she wanted to buy a Build-A-Bear for herself to go with the one I brought home for her from a conference I went to last year.

I was lucky enough to hear a talk given by Build-A-Bear creator Maxine Clark who has a heart of gold. (I will admit here that I had always refused to even take the kids into B-A-B because I assumed the marketing was a ploy to get kids to want and buy and “mom, can I have this?” Which, to be honest, they do a great job of marketing, but there actually is more to it.)

This morning when Maggie offered to buy her brother a bear also, I said “Let’s go!” and away we went.

Both of the kids were enchanted with choosing their own bear, watching them get stuffed, wishing on the heart and putting it in, watching them be stitched up into a real “live” bear, giving them an air bath, and of course, picking out some clothes.

Nick bathed his bear about 7 times while Maggie shopped for accessories.

build-a-bear May I introduce the newest member of our clan – Sparkle (purple) and Magilda who has been with us for almost two years now.

Nick was determined before we left that he was going to get a pink bear. I thought I’d be able to talk him into a brown bear with pink clothes in case he changed his mind later about the pink.

pink bearBut this is how he rolls. A pink bear with a Cars T-shirt, black jeans, black loafers, and yellow hair bows. Oh, and her name is Chloe. (Please to notice his own green striped shirt and plaid pants.)

But he loves her. And so do I.

Maggie got a handful of accessories including this:

snorkeling suitbecause every bear needs a snorkeling suit.

I *may* be using the new bears as a ploy to get Nick to sleep all night by himself which he totally does when I am not home. When I am home, he wakes up and wants me to sleep with him.

*Note – when I sleep in his bed upstairs I have a 100% chance of being able to sleep later than if I sleep in my own bed which *could* have something to do with how long this has gone on. Ahem.

“Is she alive? Will she move?” he asked.

Maggie jumped right in with the perfect answer. “She is alive. She may not move in front of you, but the love you give her makes her alive.”


2 responses to “build-a-love

  1. Nick’s bear is PERFECT!!

  2. What a smart girl. I wish I had an arsenal of answers like that. And I bet I know where she gets it from, too!

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