So many people have asked how Nick is doing. I haven’t written anything here as we were waiting for a few meetings and appointments to take place.

I am happy to say Nick is doing pretty fabulous. The EEG showed no sign of current or past seizures and since the day they wired him up, he’s kind of been a different kid. His teachers and I have half-joked that it scared whatever was going on out of him.

We had his IEP meeting for the end of the year and again, he’s doing fabulous. They are pleased with his progress. I am pleased with his progress and we are all hopeful that with one more year to go, he will really be ready for kindergarten in 2012. They called him “a success story.” *sniff*

We had our “final” meeting with his neurologist this week. Again, since there isn’t anything outwardly apparent right now, and the tests were all negative, we are going on the assumption that all is well. He did reiterate that he swears what he saw on our first appointment were absence seizures. They can come and go and they can worsen over time. But for now, we have no proof of seizures, so hoping we don’t see anything wonky in the future, he sent us off with his blessing.

At home we have noticed huge leaps in a lot of areas. People Nick would have avoided talking to, are now getting an earful. Who knew that once he began to talk he would be a little on the bossy side? (cough, cough, he does live with Maggie and me. We might have led him down the path to bossiness.)

Nick used to be deathly afraid of dogs. Screaming bloody murder afraid. Now he goes into our neighbor’s gated yard and plays with their two fairly large dogs.

We still have multiple rounds of “who’s on first” every hour day, but even those have a little more logic involved than they used to.

So yeah, we’re in a good place. There’s that part of me who doesn’t want to say it out loud for fear of jinxing ourselves, but right now, today, everything is good.


2 responses to “good

  1. So glad to read this post. I enjoy all your stories and photos. Keep it up!

  2. Awesome news, keeping my fingers crossed that the worst is well behind you all!

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