cautiously optimistic

There’s another funny story that goes along with getting my rings resized. See, my husband kinda thinks the world is out to rip him off. And I kinda get a kick out of it (when it’s not driving me insane.)

So obviously he didn’t want me to leave my rings unsupervised so they could switch out the diamonds. He was also pretty sure it wouldn’t cost too much to have them resized.

I went to a fancy pants jewelry store not too far from where we live. The owner kindly informed me it would be $xx per ring (I have three rings) and asked when would I like to come back for them.

I mentioned that they were platinum and $xx turned into $zz per ring. Yeah, that’s what I thought. I asked if I could come back for them later today. No? Tomorrow then? OK. See you tomorrow.

Since I haven’t been wearing them for the last two months, my husband didn’t notice they were gone.

I returned the next day to fetch them, slipped them right on (though it’s not summer right now which means I may still only wear them 8 months out of the year) and noticed that the middle stone looked funny. And by funny I mean awful.

I looked at them again and moved around to find better light. Yep there was still a brown tint in a stripe right through the middle of the center stone.

Holy crap.

I went outside to see if the light outside was any better. Ummm, no.

So I went back in to, to, I don’t know, to confront them. Nicely. In a hmm, does this look funny to you? way.

“Oh, there must be some rouge stuck under the stone.”

I nodded as if that made perfect sense. They took it back and cleaned it again.

I wandered around the store looking in the cases at all the shinies. Shinies that cost 19 times what my middle stone was worth. Some that were even more than that.

When they brought my ring back this time, it was back to all it’s shining glory. They explained again what the rouge was and where it came from, yada yada, I may have tuned that part out because I was so happy I wasn’t going to hear “I told you so,” from my husband.

He didn’t mention anything when I had the rings on last night. Maybe he will just think my fingers shrunk and won’t ask how much it cost to resize the rings.  Besides, if my fingers do shrink, I can get the rings resized for free which makes the whole thing such a bargain.


2 responses to “cautiously optimistic

  1. Rouge, like in face make up? Pretty shady jewelers if you ask me.

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