nap fail

Nick’s EEG was this morning. He was a trooper as they attached the first 10 or so wires. Then he got a little scared.

“Is this the last one?”

He said that over and over until all 294 wires were attached. OK, I don’t really know how many wires there were, but lets just say more than 25 and fewer than 295.

We got to lay on a big bed together and snuggle up to try to get Nick to go to sleep. We kept him up late last night got up early this morning. He yawned and yawned but our hour(s) clicked by with me whispering “Go to sleep” and him not going to sleep.

Though I have to admit, even though it was pretty frustrating (especially knowing how much this “nap” cost) I would have had a hard time going to sleep with all those wires and a mummified head, and I can sleep just about anywhere.

Now we will wait to see if the sleep part needs to be redone or if the doctor got the information he needs.

I’m off to scrub paste out of Nick’s hair. I took the poor kid to the store with me this afternoon with spiky hair full of goo. Luckily he’s a low-maintenance kind of dude.


2 responses to “nap fail

  1. Having a little one stay still through an EEG is never an easy task. I wish you well and hope the doctors were able to get the information they needed to spare you both an addtitional visit!

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