cheeky boy

We’ve been trying to teach Nick to swallow pills. That was our homework from the neurologist. When he starts his meds, he will have to swallow a pill twice a day. Apparently they taste really bad if you happen to chew them, so we are to practice swallowing.

Luckily he already takes a supplement that is a small round ball. It is made to either be chewed or swallowed, so it’s the perfect thing to practice with.

Except he likes to chew it.

In fact he likes to chew it so much, that he has mastered holding it in his mouth much like those people you see on TV dramas who are saving their pills for later. He puts the pill in his mouth, drinks half a glass of water, and then shows me the pill still sitting on the middle of his tongue, with a huge grin on his face.

For a kid who can’t manipulate his tongue very well, he’s got cheeking his pills down to a science.



4 responses to “cheeky boy

  1. I vividly remember learning to swallow pills (I was much older than I should have been when I learned lol). Strangely, I taught myself using kraft mac & cheese. Those noodles can slip down easily…it kind of taught me feeling and motion. Weird I know.

    Good luck – that is a hard thing to teach someone to do!

  2. To this day my mom takes her pills and vitamins with a spoon of yogurt. Sometimes disguise is a good option. Good luck!

  3. Brigid – You are all in our prayers. And those little M&M’s make good practice pills. But they don’t taste bad when you chew – so maybe not such a good lesson. Love, Trish (and the rest)

  4. We have this same issue with V. She wants to chew all her anti-seizure meds. So what we do now is crush them and make them into chocolates for her. Much easier to get her to take them that way.

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