from shock to hope

Thank you all for your kind words in response to my last post. I appreciate each and every one of you.)

There is something so frightening about being told your child’s brain is short-circuiting multiple times a day, hell, multiple times an hour.

It’s shocking.

I was in shock. I’m not entirely sure I’m not still in shock.

But in a way, life is still very normal. We went to Maggie’s basketball game, Nick went to a birthday party (during which I restrained myself from telling everyone what is going on – because it is my natural instinct to tell everything to anyone who will listen.) (*waves* Hi!)

In between all this normalness I am devouring information on seizures and epilepsy (though no one has used the word yet.) Aside from the surrealness of it all, I am learning that the normalness, our normal, will hopefully continue.

Absence seizures are typically easily treatable with medication. I have also researched a diet which we will only have to try if the medication(s) fails. Absence seizures are typically outgrown. These things all give me hope.

(I’m ignoring all of the nausea and vomiting side effects to the meds. I may just overcome my phobia before long.)

Is is scary? Ummm, hell yes.

Is it manageable? I really, really think it is.

As Maggie said the other day “You sure do have some special doctor-needing kids, don’t you?”

Yes. Yes, I do. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.



3 responses to “from shock to hope

  1. Oh Brigid….I didn’t realize. It sounds like you are handling things with such grace. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. Hang in there, mom. {{hug}}

  2. Bridg, you are a fantastic mom…I know it has to be so terrifying for you right now, but you are an “answer” person, and will find out all you need to! 🙂 Your family and friends all love you and would help you out in whatever you need. You are blessed. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys!

  3. It’s all gonna be fine 🙂

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