rooting for Nick

A few weeks ago I was talking with some friends about how much progress Nick has been making. He is developmentally delayed, so he does things at his own pace.

“You can’t help but root for him,” one friend said.

“Everyone is rooting for Nick,” another said.

Everywhere we go people root for Nick. Family, friends, teachers, even strangers are charmed by the crookedness of his smile and the sparkle in his eyes. His sweetness is apparent within moments of meeting him.

Yesterday our little world tilted off its axis a bit. Yesterday we found out that Nick has likely been having absence seizures for quite a while now. You can google if you like, I’m not going to link because Nick has his own story.

Absence seizures are moments when the brain switches off. Nick’s seem to last from 1/10th of a second up to 3 seconds. He sometimes has as many as 10 in an hour, but also passes hours without any.

If you have ever spent time with Nick, you have likely witnessed a seizure. I shudder to think how many I witnessed before I knew what they were.  He just appears to be staring at nothing, spacing out.

We have started the process of tests and more tests and likely won’t know anything for another month or so. He will probably begin medication at that time. We are also looking into some diet changes that may help keep them at bay. I will be reading and learning and educating myself.

As a mom, all I ask is that our friends treat him the way they always have and keep rooting for him.

No one will be rooting for him more than I am.



12 responses to “rooting for Nick

  1. I always have and always root for my sweet Nick!! I loved having him as a student; one of the sweetest little people I have ever known! I will continue to send good thoughts your way… Love you guys!!

  2. I am rooting for Nick and for you, of course. Testing and uncertainty are difficult things, but your love for your family is more powerful than any challenges you all will face. Your writing is beautiful and is so touching. Please know you guys are all in my thoughts.

  3. I hope things get straightened out soon, and this is just a minor bump in the road for everyone.

  4. Perceptive people get it: there’s something special about our kids. Somehow their differences have the side-effect/benefit/challenge of making them innocent to the core. It’s both refreshing and problematic. And, I’m talking about the problematic part at this end of the journey…way on down the road and also from the perspective of a girl. It presents me with the challenge of celebrating and cherishing and remembering I can only prepare for the future and control what I can control right now.

  5. Rooting for you both. Wish I could give you a hug, and I’m not really a give-a-hug kind of girl, but it seems like what I’d want if I were in this situation.

  6. Nicholas Day has very important things to do in this world–things he wouldn’t be equipped for if he were different in any way. I’ll be walking right alongside you both to see them for myself.

  7. I have never met Nick, but I know he has been blessed with a wonderful mom. He can count me as one of his cheerleaders rooting for him.

  8. It sounds like Nick is a blessed, and amazingly special, little boy surrounded by loving family, friends, and a whole cheering section. Hang in there…you are his best advocate!

  9. I’m sure this was a scary thing to hear but I have little doubt that your family will come out of this stronger.

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