laziness FTW

On this, our 382nd snow day of the month, my laziness has come in handy. Mike tried to empty a laundry basket yesterday that was filled with some of my “junk.” He thought it was the kids’ stuff, but I told him it was mine and that I would deal with it tomorrow. (Famous last words.) He may or may not have rolled his eyes.

Since I actually told him I would deal with it, I decided I should go ahead and do it.

Look what I found – craft projects! Yay! Perfect for a snow day.

Do I normally have super cute craft projects waiting in a nearby laundry basket? Well, no. But I do if I was in charge of a craft project for Maggie’s first grade class on December 18th and I never got around to emptying my bag until yesterday when I transferred everything to an empty laundry basket so I could begin filling the bag for its next outing.

I thought these snowman measuring sticks would be kind of like having a snow shovel – totally unnecessary. Hahaha. Turns out the kids have actually had snow to measure this year.

If you live near me, you will be happy to know the snowmen now have a place of honor on the refrigerator so they will be handy for measuring all future snowfalls. (Meaning there will be no future snowfalls. Right? RIGHT!?)


3 responses to “laziness FTW

  1. Those are adorable!

    p.s. love the SpongeBob pjs 🙂

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