RAoK 3

Wow. Our third Random Act of Kindness took a little longer than we expected. The plan was to make pumpkin bread to take to the police station. We bought the supplies, found a recipe, sought additional advice and then failed to cook the pumpkin bread completely. It looked like it was going to burn on top and my husband was convinced I would burn it. (I may have a history of burning things on occasion.)

So we took  it out. It looked delicious. I went upstairs to do a bit of work and when I passed through the kitchen a couple of hours later, the middle of the pumpkin bread had fallen. It was more like pumpkin pudding than pumpkin bread.

We decided we would need a mulligan. We purchased more ingredients the next day and I bought the little foil mini-muffin pans that I used last year, all while the family snacked on the edges of the pumpkin bread that were, in fact, quite tasty.

We didn’t get a chance to bake that day, but started bright and early the next day. A few hours later, we had five perfect little mini pumpkin breads.

And then it began to snow.

I should have thrown the kids in the car and delivered them right then, but we were in pajamas, and it was snowing.

We actually got a decent amount of snow and didn’t leave the house for a few days. We snacked on one to make sure they were cooked all the way through. Maggie walked one five doors down to an elderly neighbor who turned out to not be home. So we ate that one.

We did give one to a neighbor who stopped by (though I forgot she has two teenage boys, so I really should have given her more than one.)

We decided that by the time we could actually get out to deliver them to the police, they wouldn’t really be fresh. So we finished them off.

It became a running joke. My husband said I was baking things under the guise of giving them away. I decided I couldn’t look at another can of pumpkin (at least for a little while) so we moved onto cookies.

I saw this post from Mishelle and knew these were the next thing to make. I altered the ingredients slightly to be able to use what we had – crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth, and milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet. They were divine.

We gobbled up the first batch (it was a test to see what we thought.) (Hey, I’m baking in the kitchen with two kids, cut me a little slack.)

We promptly made another batch and packaged them up for delivery. We headed out on Monday which happened to be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the offices were closed.

I thought for a moment we were going to be thwarted again, but we lingered around looking helpless for just long enough for someone to come in, punch in a security code and get us where we needed to be.

We gave the cookies to the dispatch guy (not the technical term) who then sent a police man out to talk to us. The police man took us outside and showed the kids all the fancy computer stuff (not the technical term) in the police car. After lights and sirens, we let him get back to work.

(I may have had a tiny flashback to being in the back of a police car, but that’s another story for another day. Ahem.)

Our third Random Act of Kindness is in the books. I can only imagine the story that will come with the fourth.


2 responses to “RAoK 3

  1. Can’t wait for the other story for another day. 🙂

  2. See…. that is EXACTLY what would happen to me if I planned to do something like this.

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