This year is shaping up to have quite a few adventures in store. A few things are in the works that are pretty cool.

I put myself out there this week for something that I really want. It may not go my way, and I hesitated even trying because what if I fail? I won’t know for a while if anything will come from it, but I do know that I am ridiculously happy that I tried.

Hell, I’m even contemplating zip lining with my crazy writing mamas.

Adventures. I’m telling you – this is the year for them.


3 responses to “adventures

  1. I am very proud of you for trying and being ridiculously happy about it! When I turned 40 last summer, I decided to live more dangerously as well. I felt a sudden sense of urgency to start living the life I was building in my head. I am so happy that I did. Even though I don’t have a clear end goal, I am enjoying the new path I have begun and I know it is the right one for me. I am excited for your adventures. Keep taking them!

  2. You go girl!

    I am mad at myself, still, for chickening out of doing a silly simple zip line in Florida two summers ago.

    I’m 41 now and I can relate to what Jenny Lee says…just start living life and don’t be afraid!

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