RAoK 1 & 2

The kids and I have embarked on a new project. We are going to be practicing Random Acts of Kindness through out 2011. We will be spreading kindness to strangers and friends with small acts of caring. Our hope is to do at least one a week for a total of 52. I know some weeks life will get in the way, but other weeks we will be able to do more than one.

I was inspired by The Bloggess. I was inspired by Her Bad Mother. I was inspired by Michelle.

I was also inspired by the fact that my children received a lot of Christmas presents. Receiving is good. Giving is awesome. I want them to have many, many opportunities to give this year.

The plan was to start next week, but Maggie was too excited to wait. So yesterday we made peppermint bark.



Today we delivered the peppermint bark to some local firemen. They were so gracious. We ended up taking a tour of the station and the kids got to climb in a truck and left with fire hats and stickers.

So, I guess I would call that a trade, and not so much a gift. We’re new at this. With practice we’ll get it figured out.

Next, we headed over to our library. We delivered gingerbread cookies to all the librarians.  They were extremely thankful and happy. I didn’t take any pictures because it felt a little odd to whip out my camera. Like I said, we’re new to this. As we all get more comfortable, maybe I’ll get a little more bold.

When we left, they were smiling, and so were we.

If you have any ideas for us, please let me know. We will be trying to do at least one a week and we will keep you posted on our stories.

If you’re inspired to spread kindness, please share your story with us.


4 responses to “RAoK 1 & 2

  1. How inspiring Brig! What a great idea. If you make it a weekly link-up I bet you can encourage many folks to join in periodically, if not weekly! (This folk included)

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