Remembering Three

Three has been the most amazing year. You have changed and grown so much and it has been my pleasure to be a part of your life.

This year you were a ring bearer at your uncle’s wedding, visited Disney World for the first time, travelled to Chicago three times and Michigan once.

You found your voice and have begun to ask a lot of questions. And sing. And laugh. The sweetest sound I know.

You changed schools and made new friends. You started riding the bus all by yourself. You learned to jump and to run faster. You have developed a love for coloring.

You wear your underwear backwards because you want Percy the Train (or Diego or Buzz Light Year or whomever the choice of the day is) to be on the front where you can see them.

You eat yogurt as often as we will let you, which is at least once a day. You ate homemade fruit smoothies for 100 days in a row over the summer.

You like ice cream better than cake.

You tell me “I love you, too” after a year of saying “OK” when I tell you I love you.

The fastest way to get you to go to sleep is to hold your hand. But you rarely want to hold hands any other time. You love for me to sleep with you and snuggle your feet between my knees.

You are the best napper. Ever. (Besides me.) You eventually gave up napping on the days you go to school, but on days off and on holidays you gladly lay down with me and we snooze the afternoon away.

You would follow your sister to the moon and back. You have become the best of playmates and often disappear together for long stretches of time.

You are no longer afraid of cats, and in fact love to sing to our two kittens and love on them. We’re still working on dogs. That may take a while longer. And that’s fine with me.

You can ride your two-wheeler (with training wheels) like the wind. And basketball is your favorite. Anything to do with a ball, really. And climbing trees.

You are one of the brightest lights in my life and I can’t wait to share Four with you.


3 responses to “Remembering Three

  1. Brigid, I love this. Makes me want to do a year in review for my kids too. Thanks for the laughs. Kathy

  2. This is really sweet. And loving. Happy birthday to him.

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