Inside the Frame: new

These photos are part of a project called Inside the Frame. Each week we have a theme to practice our skills and widen our vision. This week’s theme was new.

New friends


New ideas


New crayons


New look (the ornaments are not new, by any means, but the way they are placed on the tree is new every day.


Please check out Shab’s site for the linky.)  Join us on Facebook. Next week’s theme is love. Please join us!


2 responses to “Inside the Frame: new

  1. I love your pictures. The sun coming into the window in the first one is just awesome. And who doesn’t LOVE a new box of crayons? Our ornaments change branches on an hourly basis. They are not nearly as photogenic as yours!
    (And new ideas…yes! Can you send some my way, please?)

  2. “New friends” made me smile, and even as a grown-up, I still love a new box of crayons.

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