I am a saver.

It’s in my nature. For some reason, I am trying to change my nature. But I’m not sure that is even possible.

I purged items from my closet a few weeks ago. I left the bag in the garage to take to Goodwill and promptly left for Chicago. Three days later I found a great tutorial for making a shoulder bag from a sweater. And guess where the perfect sweater for this tutorial was? Yep, in my Goodwill bag.

I called my husband and by some stroke of luck, he had moved the bag and forgotten about it. Yay! My sweater! That I was going to give away, but that I didn’t. It took three years to finally realize that I will never fit into said sweater again, but now I’m going to make something out of it.

I tell you. I’m a saver.

I save almost every photo that I take. Even the blurry ones. When they are in the camera, I assume I’ll edit when they are on the computer. When they are on the computer, I work with the ones I need and move on. And the blurry ones sit mixed in with the treasures.

So I finally cleaned the photos off my computer. (I didn’t delete, mind you, just moved them to a separate hard drive.)

AND NOW I NEED THEM. And yes, I can still get to them once I take the time  to make that happen, but I’m annoyed because they have been on this computer forever and I moved them two months ago and now I NEED THEM. (For work too.)

This is why I never purge.

And yet I continue. I went through the same closet two days ago and did a more thorough purge.

I am trying to delete things off my computer that are taking up space (visual and actual).

Purging isn’t for sissies. Or for savers.

But the stuff. It’s crushing me. My spirit. My air. My vision. So the stuff is going to go. I just hope my heart can take it.


One response to “purging

  1. I’m the same way. Although I pride myself on how many trips I’ve made to donate things to Goodwill this year we still have WAY too much stuff/clutter. I cleaned out our hall coat closet Sunday. It was absolutely horrific. Seriously, you couldn’t even see the floor! I got rid of a trench coat that my mother gave me for my first job out of college. Need I remind you I am now 41 years old? 😉


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