my helper

I’ve been reading The Blessing of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel whom I saw speak last year. She wowed my socks off then and I’m very much enjoying her take on parenting.

I decided to cut myself some slack this morning before Nick and I headed off to the grocery store. But I’m also incorporating the idea that the children need to help more around the house. I hesitate to call them chores, because it’s really just having them help with work that needs to be done. No one is getting paid to do it, we just do it so the house is a happy place to be.

And Nick is a huge help. He helped me strip pillow cases so they could all be washed. He helps unload the dishwasher on a daily basis. He sets the table before and helps clear the table when dinner is over. He carries laundry up from the basement and helps switch clothes from the washer to the dryer.

And he is my grocery helper.

He loves to go the store and has been promoted to cart pusher. He pushes, we pick out fruit together, we talk about food and what’s for dinner. We have a grocery store routine and it works. He likes to help bag, and depending on who is bagging sometimes they let him help. He helps me carry groceries into the house and he helps me put them away.

Don’t get me wrong – I could do all of this much faster without his help, but he loves it and I love watching him.

Today, when we left the store, he pushed the cart across the parking lot and we loaded the bags into the car.  As he was pushing the cart into the cart return, I smiled at the woman who was right next to us unloading her groceries.

“I love watching you with him,” she said to me.

I managed to say thank you and we were on our way. But I floated the whole way home. What a wonderful thing for a stranger to say.

Little victories.


4 responses to “my helper

  1. I love this post. We should all cut ourselves some slack. I’ll be reading that book again soon. Thanks for the reminder!

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  3. You are an awesome mom, no matter what led to the next post. Awesome, I tell you.

  4. Oh, and Nick is setting the table already? Wow. Ahead of the curve there, Nicholas.

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