Thanksgiving week was a nonstop eat-a-thon this year (as evidenced by none of my pants fitting.) But I only got one little piece of pumpkin pie (crocodile tears.)  I have been known to eat almost an entire pumpkin pie by myself so I was sad to realize that was not an option this year. (Um, hello, pumpkin pie has tons of vitamins – it’s practically a vegetable.)

So I decided to make my own pie. I mean, make a pie for my family to share. (Little pieces for them and the rest for me.)

Two days went by after I got the ingredients and still no pie. Then while dinner was half cooked tonight I got the wild idea to start the pie then, not realizing the stupid thing had to cook for an hour and then cool for two hours. What?!

So now the kids are angling to stay up late so we can let the pie cool.

But my whole point of boring you to tears with my pie story is OMG putting foil around an already partially cooked (read: HOT) pie now ranks on my there has to be a better way to do this list.

Is there a contraption out there that neatly fits over a standard pie pan that keeps the edges from burning? Because if there’s not, there should be. If there is, I want it. (Oh and if there’s not – it’s my idea and I’d like to retire a wealthy woman so no stealing my idea.)

Oh, hell, I just googled it. It already exists. I won’t become a millionaire, but I definitely need one of these:

Either that or have to explain some new words to my children.

(Which, let me go off on a wild tangent here – the questions I have answered this week concerning the kittens getting neutered have been dangerously close to requiring the talk.

Maggie: Do boy cats have kittens?

Me: No.

Maggie: Well then why did Finnegan have to have surgery?

Me: Ummm, let’s go check the pie. Maybe it’s cool now.)


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