Inside the Frame: signs

These photos are part of a project called Inside the Frame. Each week we have a theme to practice our skills and widen our vision. This week’s theme was signs.

My old stomping grounds.

A sign of the times. Next to an what’s left of an old Dairy Queen sign. (Check out how tiny that truck looks next to the windmill. Those things are GIANT and I am utterly fascinated with them.)

The sign that we stood next to for 45 minutes. Well, except for when we were sitting by it.

Please check out Shab’s site for the linky.)  Join us on Facebook. Next week’s theme is thankful. Please join us!


2 responses to “Inside the Frame: signs

  1. Like that idea! Yea, wind turbines seem awesome, never been near one though.

  2. I love all of these!

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