comfort is overrated

Sometimes when I’m having a rough day at home with the children (or child, if the other is at school) I change our plans so that we leave the house as quickly as possible. For some reason, both of my children are usually much better behaved when we’re not at home.

I have heard that is a sign that they are comfortable at home. That they feel safe.

I’ll be honest, having children who are fairly well-behaved in public is pretty nice.

I’ll be honest, every once in a while I really, really wish they weren’t so comfortable at home.

And then we travel. I have to say, this road trip was by far the easiest, nicest trip we have taken. Eight hours with nary a problem. Ahhhh.

And then we got here, to my parents’ house, where I learned that my children are a little too comfortable. Things have been broken, noise levels have been breached, and much television has been watched.

I wonder how much is “it’s their age” type stuff or “you thought you were a decent parent who had instilled manners and taught the meaning of acceptable behavior, but you were wrong.Very, very wrong.”

And I spend a week sounding like a drill sergeant. A grumpy, grumpy drill sergeant.


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