little things

Our horribly loud, hasn’t-worked-properly-for-years dryer finally kicked it a few weeks ago. I have to say, I was not too sad.

But I had no idea.

My life has been changed by our new washer and dryer. (Yep, hubs likes the matching set, which we haven’t had for years, but who am I to turn down a new washer too?)

I debated writing this down, because really? My life can be improved so drastically by an appliance? That cleans? It’s as if I’m a housewife from decades ago.

But, seriously. I love them. I do.

It is such a significant change from the dryer that could be heard around the world. In fact, if you’ve been missing a thump, thump, thump sound at your house, it’s because it’s not echoing all the way from my house anymore. Ahhh.

And the feature that just got me to sit down and scratch out this post? The buzzer. I’m sorry, I mean the end-of-cycle sound. It doesn’t buzz at me. (Of course we didn’t need a buzzer; the thumping coming to an end was audible from any room in our house.) But, no. No buzzer. It plays a song. No more of that nasty old buzzer that might as well have been saying “Get off your ass and come fold laundry.” Now it’s all light and airy “Whenever you get a chance, you’re freshly laundered clothes will be ready!”



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