marshmallow fun

Maggie brought home a baggie with marshmallow/toothpick creations. They were 3D shapes her class has been studying at school. A few didn’t travel so well on the bus, so we agreed that after dinner we would recreate them with our own supplies.

(We rarely have mini marshmallows on hand, but I have been eating these like crazy for a week, so I happened to have them in stock.)

So the one on the left is a pyramid. And the one on the right was a cube, but when it slants like that, it becomes something else. Any guesses?

(OK, just googled to fact check before making a statement about something I know little about – and I think, I mean, there is a chance, well, I think that I have duped by a six-year-old. A cube has right angles. Maggie couldn’t remember the name for a slanted cube without right angles. I googled and came up with “hexagon” which she jumped at and told me “That’s it!” Except now I’m not so sure. The hexagons I see are flat, six-sided shapes, not a 3D slanted cube.)




Until then, I’m going to hang with Nick…

… and eat the evidence.


3 responses to “marshmallow fun

  1. Brigid- Thanks for stopping by my cooking blog and leaving a comment about how much you enjoyed the Smores Candy Bar! It is always nice to hear from readers!

    Your photography on your blog is great! I wish I had a better photography eye! Oh and I am obviously no geometry whiz but I want to say that the shape in question may be a rhombus?? But don’t take my word on it… the only shapes I am familure with are cubes of chocolaty goodness! : )

  2. Yep. Hexagon is a six-sided flat figure. It looks like a parallelogram, but I’m not sure what a 3-D parallelogram is called. Now I have to Google.

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