Lulu and Finnegan

We have added two new furry friends to our home. Lulu and Finnegan have been with us not quite a week but seem like they’ve been here much longer. They took about 45 minutes to adjust and they have been right at home ever since.

Finnegan in on the left. He’s a bit bigger than Lulu, but I think together they probably weigh six pounds. They are five-months-old brother and sister. Their other brother (Darrell Jack) lives about a mile from us.

Finnegan. Yes, that’s a bell. It’s not permanent, but for now it helps us find them.

Lulu. aka Lucy – It seems Lulu and Lucy have become interchangeable. Nick chose Lulu and Maggie decided she would call her Lucy. Nick corrected Maggie for the first few days, but now he occasionally calls her Lucy too.

And because they are cats and everything doesn’t have to be even, here are a few more that I liked of Finnegan.

He twisted himself up in the skirt of Maggie’s fairy princess costume to take a nap.

A serious nap. (In case you can’t tell, that is his jaw hinged open in the middle of a yawn.)

We are all smitten.


4 responses to “Lulu and Finnegan

  1. I LOVE them already and can’t wait to play!

  2. HA! love these. All of my cats have been forced to wear bells until I get used to their habits. No sneaking up on me.

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