Grates are not great

edited to add: (See, I’m so tired, I forgot to put a title.)

Further proof that my child is more like his father than me: (or than I. I’m too tired to hash that one out in my head.)

Yes, he’s jumping on a grate. Jumping on a grate! And mocking me.(OK, he’s not really mocking me for he is not aware of my great dislike of grates, sewer covers, basically anything that suspends one over a giant hole in the ground that one could fall into and become trapped and die. With broken legs. And spiders. And a concussion. Slowly. From starvation.


2 responses to “Grates are not great

  1. I am TOTALLY afraid of grates!!

  2. I’ll make sure to walk around them when I’m with you. Also too tired to hash it out, but my vote’s on “me” since otherwise you’d be saying that she’s more like Mike than you are… 🙂

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