Nick has officially made the move from our beloved Montessori to the early development program at a county school. I wondered a lot about starting him for the last three weeks of last year and then moving him back to his old school for summer school and then switching back to the new school this fall. Seemed like a lot of switching. But I have to say, now that it’s here, I’m so happy we did it. He was excited to go back, he’s already shown improvement and this transition was a lot easier than any of the others.

His my schedule has changed drastically. He has given up naps most days (except for his day off, which is Wednesdays. For now that’s our catch up on sleep day until he fully adjusts to the new schedule.) And he goes to school in the afternoon. I wasn’t too sure how I would like the pm slot, but so far I’m really happy and so is he. He loves to go to the grocery store and run errands with me, so we do that in the morning, still have time for play-doh and puzzles, eat lunch and then he’s off and I get to nap work for a few hours.

And my sweet boy is riding the bus! This bus has 5-point seatbelts for the children and there is an aid who rides along. He was soooo excited to ride, partly because he’s watched Maggie ride the bus for a year and because we talked about the bus like. it. was. magic.

He has started volunteering tidbits about his day. He will tell me what songs they sang or what art project he worked on. He’s excited to go every day and he’s happy to come home. Once again, I can’t ask for more than a happy kid.


One response to “pre-K

  1. That is wonderful. Truly wonderful. I love it that he’s so happy. Great pictures too! He looks so grown up in those photos.

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