The name game

Izzy has won us all over. She is charming, sweet, playful, and answers to three different names. See, when we were on vacation in Michigan, we stayed in the home of a friend who had a lovely black cat named LuLu. We all loved LuLu and I mentioned more than once that I wanted to put LuLu in my suitcase.

And then we came home and found Isabella (Izzy). She’s also black. And a cat. Which means Nick has been calling her LuLu ever since we brought her home.

And now Mike has started calling her LuLu.

And Maggie calls her Isabella.

And I call her Izzy (except for the few random times I have called her LuLu too.)

And they called her Kelly at the shelter.

So her official name is now Isabella (Izzy) LuLu Kelly Happy Day.

But I’m pretty sure you can call her whatever and she will love you just the same.


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