Number of days the children and I were gone on vacation: 11

Number of states we drove through: 5

Number of states we spent the night in: 3 (not counting our own state)

Number of time changes: 6

Number of hours in the car (not counting in-town trips): 32

Number of cats we got to play with: 6

Number of times we ate Steak and Shake: 3

Number of times Maggie asked “How much longer?”: 183

Number of times Nick said “Who?”: 362

Number of potty accidents on the whole trip: 0

Rounds of I-spy: 126

Percent of an entire fruit tart that I consumed in a 24 hour period: 80%

We had a great time. I only had one brief hour of thinking “What have I done?” (and believe it or not, it had nothing to do with the fruit tart.)  We visited with my parents, my brother and his wonderful family, and traveled with my parents to see dear friends who live Up North.

Before leaving, I found the need to flee my everyday life to be huge.  And then the need to return to it, just as enormous. Funny how that works.


2 responses to “numbers

  1. Let’s hear it for zero potty accidents. And I absolutely, positively know what you mean there in the last graf.

  2. I hear ya too! We’re headed home today!

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