Our neighbors (who are so very, very good to us) gave Maggie Sea Monkeys for her birthday. We got them set up which included letting the water sit (mixed with packet #1) for 24 hours, then putting the sea monkeys (from packet #2) in and waiting another five days, then feeding them (from packet #3.)

We were supposed to feed them on Friday. But we were busy and forgot.

So Maggie and I were about to feed them today when we noticed the water was quite green. My husband came in right then and mentioned that he had already fed them. It looked a little cloudy, and green, but we went on about our day.

Every time I passed them I couldn’t help but stare at the cloudy green mess. There had been about 20-30 little, teeny, tiny things swimming around.

Now there was one.

And it was getting bigger by the hour.

Then I picked up packet #3 and read the instructions which were to add one spoonful of food on the fifth day. Then I saw the “spoon” that was next to the packet. One serving of Sea Monkey food would be the equivalent of, oh, say, 1/8 of 1/8 of a teaspoon.

Ours had almost an entire teaspoon.

They swam right up to the all-they-could-eat-buffet and ate themselves to death. Literally.

But that one that was still swimming? It’s still growing by the minute. We’re hoping it doesn’t bust out of the tank and eat us all in our sleep.


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