“Why Does Gray Matter?”

I rarely endorse anything in a way other than “I liked this and thought you might too.” I hate to endorse something and then have someone else hate it. (Or dislike it, as my grandmother would have me say.)

But, having said that, I am about to endorse:


Roger Day is a musician for children (that parents can enjoy too).  We have seen him live at least three times. He plays every summer at our library and we have been singing his music since the first time we saw him. We have one DVD which is a concert of him singing and playing (and entertaining and being funny.) And we just bought his newest CD “Why does Gray Matter?” and have been listening to it constantly.

If you have kids, have a sense of humor and are looking for something new to listen to, check him out.

**For the FTC – I am not being paid in any way to talk about Roger Day or his music. My friend called me a groupie, but I think he’s a really cool guy playing really cool music, so that’s why I’m talking about him.


2 responses to ““Why Does Gray Matter?”

  1. groupie.

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