inch by inch

Back in April, we started with this:

You see, I had a hankering to have a garden.

Almost three months to the day later, we have this:

Holy cow! We are having so much fun. And the salad we had the other night with our own lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers was the best I have ever eaten.

I have 800 bazillion other photos because I have turned into “woman-who-photographs-her-garden” but I’ll save those for my 365, assuming I can catch up with the three months I need to edit and upload.

If you have considered planting a garden…      …DO IT!!!


5 responses to “inch by inch

  1. Wow. That’s amazing. I can understand why you’d be taking pictures of it. Gardens are beautiful.

    • Thanks! I have been taking photos and my husband has been watering. It’s a good combination. If left up to me, it would be one very thirsty garden…

  2. Amazing!!! That looks awesome. And, there’s nothing like fresh veggies in the summer…nothing tastes better. We don’t have a good place for our own garden so I have to “borrow” from friends…maybe one day! You should be proud!

  3. Wow! Looks amazing! That is so inspiring!

  4. Holy hostas. It’s beautiful!

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