By far the best parenting choice I have made of late:

The kids can’t watch TV until their rooms are clean.

It’s fabulous on so many levels.

(Although I guess I can’t really call myself a genius because I had to use spellcheck to correct the spelling of “genius.”)


2 responses to “genius

  1. I am so crippled by speed dial and spell check. Does anyone actually know their spouses phone number? I doubt my spelling every time and only feel reassured after I use the spellcheck. Too funny. So how much TV do your kids watch?

    • In a perfect world, they wouldn’t watch any TV. In reality they watch a show here and there when I need a break. But the month of June was so hot we have turned to the TV more than we should. At least now, the clean room thing is a half-an-hour stall and while they are cleaning, I still get time to do what I need to do. It’s a win-win. 🙂

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