and then she was six

So I mentioned the other day that Maggie has started informing me exactly what I can and can not share publicly about her. Interestingly enough, she has no idea that I write about her here. At least not any real idea. She’s just talking about stories that I tell my friends. Ha.

I am trying to respect her wishes. So my material is not quite as plentiful as it once was. But this place is still a place to record her childhood and her brother’s childhood and I will continue to do that.

For instance, on May 18th, right before bed. she lost her first tooth.

It was pretty exciting for us all. The tooth fairy came that night and left a gold coin which was a huge hit.

Then a few days later, she said goodbye to her kindergarten class and her first and favorite elementary teacher.

And then she was off to Chicago for a whirlwind week of busyness. And then back home just in time to turn six.

This is the morning of her birthday. We have a tradition of one candle in a mini cupcake or brownie with breakfast on their birthday. This year it was a cinnamon roll.

Then the real cake after dinner. I would be remiss to mention her birthday without mentioning the roller skates. She got roller skates from her Memaw and Grandpa Joe and you would be hard pressed to find her at home since then without the skates being on her feet. The pool from a few weeks ago, ahem, due to the flooding in our basement has been remodeled into a roller rink.

She had almost given up her dreams of being a basketball star so she could practice skating to ensure she get her new dream job: car hop at Sonic. Skates mandatory. But we told her she could do both, much to her relief.

Then we were off to her birthday party with her classmates and friends. We opted to not have it in the backyard this year, though that is always my preference. She had specific requests this year, and let’s be honest – the first week of June has typically been hotter than is comfortable in our back yard. So she got her wish and we took the easy road, yet loud road, and headed to Pump It Up.

That’s the Queen in all her glory. Sitting in an inflatable throne with her friends all gathered around her. She could have stayed there all day long.

With all the new privacy rules that I am trying to keep straight, she did encourage me to tell this story:

We were all at the pool playing. She got out of the water and headed to her chair. She sat there for a few minutes as I wondered why she was out of the water. Then she came over to our side of the kiddie pool and told us it was rest break. The life guard who was right in front of us had missed the whistle. Mike and I had missed it as well. Maggie was the only one keen enough to hear the whistle from the other pool.  She really wanted me to make sure everyone knew she had heard the whistle and neither her mom, dad or the lifeguard had heard it. So now you know.


One response to “and then she was six

  1. Happy 6th to Maggie!

    We all need a crown and throne like that for OUR birthdays. 🙂

    My girls know I have a blog, but they think of it like a website. I have really cut back on what I post about my oldest daughter, who is 8.

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