“red one”

If I had been a proper blogger over the last few months, you would already know that Maggie went to Chicago for a week before her birthday. She stayed with my parents and got to do and go and see.

I stayed home with Nick. And had another stomach bug. Though, I was grateful to only have to crawl from the bed to feed/clothe/change the channel for one person, instead of two.

When Maggie returned she explained to me a game they had been playing in Chicago where you announce the color of a VW bug every time you see one. Slug bug. I knew the game. You know the game. We all know the game. But she kept explaining the rules to me. Ahem.

We hit a snag early on when she began to disqualify all of my spottings. She said it only counted if the other person saw it. So, when I called one out, she would refuse to look until it was two blocks away and then say “I didn’t see it. Everyone has to see it. That’s the rule.”

So I did what any caring mother does.

I refused to play.

We managed to come to an agreement that we would be on the same team. (Her idea.) Therefore, it was in her interest to “see” the ones that I saw. (The competitiveness in this girl is like nothing I have ever seen – well, except when I look in the mirror. Or at my brother. Or at my dad. Hmmm.)

So now, we call out the occasional yellow one or black one. And EVERY time she says “Girls against boys.”

And then Nick says “Red one.” (Or whatever the color of the random car that he sees next to the beetle is.)

And I smile at how different my children are.

One of these days, if the “girls” are ever behind, (which would be impossible since we are the only ones playing and Nick doesn’t actually spot beetles) I’ll use my ace in the hole and drive her past the car lot where they are lined up just waiting to be called out.


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