“What does sexy mean?” my almost six-year-old daughter casually asked while putting on her pajamas the other night.

“Ummm, how was it used?” (as my heart kind of skipped a beat.)

“It was in a commercial.”

“Really?” (I know she watched a few minutes of NPR news after Fetch ended, but really?)

“Wellllll, see there was this mop. And it wasn’t doing a good job anymore and they got another thing that was better. And then the mop fell in love with the broom.” (peels and peels of laughter.)


“Can you imagine? A mop falling in love with a broom?” (falls on bed, laughing so hard.)

“That’s kind of silly.”

“Of course it’s silly. The mop was made of wood!” (more peels of laughter.)

-End scene-


One response to “sexy

  1. Gah! I am not looking forward to those kinds of questions!

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