mom fail

Ever have one of those days where you beat yourself up over stuff that probably really, truly is part of life, but you can’t quite give yourself a break?

Yeah. I’m having a week like that.

It started with Maggie’s dentist appointment. I share this with you in the hopes that by telling someone else how ignorant I was, I will prevent you from making the same mistake. See, Maggie has always been a great tooth brusher. She has been brushing her teeth twice a day, by herself, for years. We have been to the dentist every six months since she was three.

Imagine my surprise and horror to find out she has a cavity in her brand new, six-month-old permanent molar.

I could cry.

Here’s what happened. We talked and talked about “the new teeth are your forever teeth.” And how “we have to take extra special care of our forever teeth, because they won’t fall out like the baby teeth.”  And “Did you brush your new back teeth really, really good?” Etc. Ad infinitum.

But I never looked in there with a flashlight and checked to make sure she was getting them brushed. The hygenist said it’s fairly typical for a child to be used to brushing the teeth that they have and to miss the new ones. She had a line in her mouth where you could see exactly where the brush stopped every time. And it wasn’t getting to the brand-new back tooth.

So we have to get a cavity filled in her brand-new, forever tooth.

And I feel like such a failure.

So, learn from my mistake. I certainly know I have. I’m not saying that she won’t ever get another cavity. I’m just saying that I should have been more diligent. It’s that fine line between letting our children do for themselves versus doing things for them. But more than that, it’s about teaching her the proper way to brush her brand-new, forever teeth.


2 responses to “mom fail

  1. One word, sweet friend. “Filling.” My mouth is full of ’em. And my mom is awesome. You are, too.

  2. I read this yesterday … right before we went to the dentist. Really.

    Don’t feel bad.

    It is tough to navigate the whole do-it-for-them versus let-them-do-it thing. I was just talking to my husband about that the other night.

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