sticking my toes back in

I don’t even know where to begin. Honestly. This is the longest “blog break” I have taken since starting almost two years ago.

Maybe you heard about the flood our area had last weekend? Then again, if you’re not close by, maybe you haven’t heard about the flood. It seems to be kind of a non-issue to the rest of the country.

So much of the Nashville and surrounding areas have been damaged. Much is still underwater, after 4 days of sun and 80 degrees. The area I live in had 17 inches of rain in a 48-hour period. That’s 29% of our yearly rain in the span of two days.

We took in 7 inches of water in our basement. Half of our basement was unfinished, mostly used for storage and laundry. The other half was carpeted – with a couch, TV and bookshelf-lined walls.

We were lucky. We came out with minimal damages compared to so many people whose two-story houses were completely underwater. Imagine that for a moment. A two-story house. Underwater.

Lives were lost. Lifetimes of work were lost. Parts of Nashville’s history were lost.


Two weeks before the flood, we met with the team that evaluated Nick for special services. After a month-long wait, he did in fact qualify. So he was due to start just a few days later. He will attend his new school four days a week for a few more weeks, then his old school for most of June. July is our “vacation” month (which really just means the kids won’t have to be anywhere and we are free to visit family and friends.) Then he will continue at the new school in August. That is a lot of transition for a guy like Nick. Making such important decisions in the interest of my child is not something I take lightly. He seems to like the new school and definitely enjoys the shorter day. (He’s a mama’s boy – what can I say?)


The same afternoon as our two-hour meeting with the education team (which was emotionally exhausting, by the way) Mike had his yearly check up at the oncologist.

This would be the day we would find out he had a “spot” on the x-ray of his lung. This would be the day my life would tilt off its axis for the second time in our ten-year marriage.

And we would wait for seven days for the follow-up CT scan. Seven of the longest days of my life. Days where I wondered how I would explain chemo to my children. Days where I looked at our possessions, debating how much I would be able to sell them for. Days where I imagined the worst, all while trying to hope for the best.

The spot would turn out to be a shadow. Nothing more. We were given our lives back. The lives that we are comfortable with. The lives that we often complain about. The lives that seem filled with petty problems when facing something of such monumental importance.


Nick still has horrible bug bites on his neck. Six weeks later. We have new instructions to apply two different creams a total of five times a day. I am not freaking out about it like I was before, but I will be a happy mom when they finally heal.


Maggie had a very minor, minor stomach bug for two days. Well, minor to most of you. For me to watch her dry heave and turn green was so not what I wanted to wake up to. Especially knowing we have a water shortage right now and are not allowed to do laundry.  But she’s better now and went back to school today.


I have a ton of photos to post. I have had almost zero time for posting with the change in schedule and end-of-year activities and, you know, being scared out of my mind, and, well, the flood.

Is there anything I have forgotten? Did I manage to sum up three weeks of hell in less than 700 words?


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  1. Ooof. Thinking of you.

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