Laughing is good

So, Maggie came home today from school on the bus just like always. But today, I met her on the porch and we hung out for a few minutes (so I could check her head for lice.) (Did I sneak that in there?) Lice are not something I am hoping we have to deal with, but a few of Maggie’s friends from school are dealing with them, so we are just keeping an eye out.

Honestly,  a few months ago or so, lice might have bothered me. These days, it just seems like a right of passage. A pain in the ass, no doubt, but at least it’s not a huge mystery.

So we seem to still be all clear, and I was taking my picture of the day and Maggie checked the mail and we were about to head in for her snack when I heard the little sound of Nick trying to get out of the front door. I went to the door to let him out, let us in and lo and behold, he had locked the door.

I had no shoes. No phone. No bra.

(And for anyone who spends much time around me – umm, hello, my phone is practically glued to my hand, but I’m trying to unplug a little, spend time with the kids. See what happens??)


So I laughed. Because really, what else can you do in this situation. Then I tried to talk him into turning the key to unlock the door. He gave it his best effort, but I’m pretty sure locking it was a fluke, so unlocking it was unlikely. After a few attempts I moved to plan B.

At which point I see Nick is naked from the waist down. Which could mean a few things. Only one of them good. And that made me laugh even harder.

I asked Nick to open our garage door. I was pretty sure the house door to the garage was unlocked, and since he’s a giant of a 3YO, he can reach the button to open the garage.

Sure enough, by the time we got around back he was waiting for us.

“Can you wipe me? I went poopy in the potty.”

Oh happy day.


One response to “Laughing is good

  1. It’s the best medicine! Love it.

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