Shark teeth

Maggie is getting a new tooth! It’s one of her FRONT BOTTOM teeth! Oh, why am I yelling, you ask? Because she HASN’T LOST ANY TEETH YET. It’s growing in behind her front tooth. Like a shark.

I was apprehensive of teeth coming out. Kind of grosses me out, to be honest. But the thought of a second row of teeth grosses me out WAAYYYY more. And makes me feel very poor. Because any tooth that comes in behind another will likely need lots of metal to get it in the right spot.

So for now, I keep bugging her to wiggle the front tooth. Wiggle that sucker out so we can have room for the next one to come in. It’s apparently coming in whether there’s room or not.

I fear the horror of her having to have any teeth pulled. I had to have four teeth pulled as a youngster (but I wasn’t nearly as young as Maggie) and it is not a fond memory.

I just googled shark teeth and lots of pictures of children’s mouths came up, so it’s not a rare thing. But it’s still a gross thing.


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