More dam, more dam!

Maggie joined her two best buddies yesterday after school for a little its-finally-spring-let’s-stay-outside-as-much-as-possible time. And suddenly they were transformed into engineers who built a dam in the creek, then moved the dam, and then created a new dam. Every time they innocently yelled “dam” the moms all kind of chuckled. The kids weren’t even saying it in a if I’m talking about a dam I can say dam over and over. They were just talking about a dam. We were the ones snickering like kids.

Don’t be fooled by them standing gingerly on the side of the creek. They were all soaked up to their knees.

(And yes, I just had to go back through this post and change every damn to dam because they were actually saying dam, it just sounded like damn. Duh.)


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