catch up

It’s been too long and too many little moments have slipped by. I can’t possibly go back and recount them all, so I will fill in a few and then go forward with a renewed desire to share the tidbits of our lives.

* Recently at a restaurant, a man offered us his spot on a bench as we waited for our names to be called for a table. We sat for a few minutes waiting. A group of older ladies joined us in the waiting area. Just as I was about to move so one of them could sit, another group was called and a bench opened up for the ladies. All of the ladies sat except one. Nick watched the whole thing. Then he scooted over closer to me and pointed to the woman who was still standing and then back to the seat. She came over and we had a lovely conversation for the next few minutes until our table was ready. I fell in love with my son all over again that night.

* Maggie learned to whistle a week or so ago. When my parents got here, my mom was so excited that Maggie could whistle since they had practiced a few weeks ago together. I made the comment that my mom and dad had one job when they were here and that was to teach the child a song. She knows how to whistle but it’s kind of a tone-deaf ear worm kind of sound. My mom thought I was being dramatic. A few days later, my mom admitted from Chicago that in moments of quiet she could still hear the ear worm whistle in her head.

* We have an appointment towards the end of April to find out the results from Nick’s evaluations. It appears he may qualify for the preschool program, which is great. If he qualifies, that means he would leave the school he currently goes to, which will break my heart a little, but I believe the therapy he will get from the new school will make all the difference in getting him ready for kindergarten.

* Maggie has woken up twice in the last few weeks with leg pain during the night. Nothing to worry about – she’s just growing. Again. Holy Toledo, the child is going to be taller than me before she hits second grade.

* I went to the library today and checked out five books for myself. Hahahahaha.

I guess that’s it for now. It’s amazing how once I felt “behind” it got harder and harder to write. Hopefully this will get me unstuck a little. Though I do have to say, I am having a fantastic time taking pictures. I hope I’m not boring you to tears with all my photos.

Would you rather see seven at a time like I have been doing (even if I run behind) or would you rather see a three or four twice a week? (Or am I the only one who actually cares about such things?)


3 responses to “catch up

  1. I’m happy with what’s easiest for you. I would love fewer more often, but there’s also something fun about seeing the whole week at a glance, Can’t do that with my one-a-day photoblog and sometimes wonder if I should change it…

    Glad to read you again!!

  2. Viewing seven at a time cuts down on my kleenex usage. Do what is easiest for you just as long as I get my weekly long distance fix.

  3. Whatever is easier for you, Brig…I just enjoy the updates!

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