March 8            67/365          Stuck


March 9             68/365            “Aaaaaand this one goes right here.”


March 10          69/365          Speed racer


March 11            70/365           Self-P


March 12            71/365              After the rain


March 13            72/365              Perfection


March 14             73/365               Ebony and ivory     (hahaha, you have that song stuck in your head now, don’t you?)


7 responses to “67-73/365

  1. Yes, the song is stuck. Great photos! The rainbow, the expression on N’s face as he races, your self portrait…love them all!

    So much fun!

  2. You’re blowin’ my mind, woman.

  3. Wow! that one of the rainbow is beautiful!

  4. You, amy2boys, blondemom, and I all took pictures of that rainbow. Neat that we all were in our own places at that time, photographing the same natural event.

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