more scarlet than fever

So you know how you can look back and see something you totally missed the first time? Nick popped out with a rash on Sunday. I looked back at Nick’s pictures from the donut shop after my mom pointed out his cheek looked a little mottled. Sure enough, when I was edited them I thought for half a second that his cheek was a little red, but also a little pale. I blamed poor lighting and my up-and-coming photo skills (or lack there of.)

Once the rash fully emerged, my first thought was an allergic reaction to all the candy sprinkles we binged on at the donut store. But Benadryl didn’t knock it down. Then I wondered about Fifths Disease because of the pink cheeks. After a few hours, it became clear from the progression of the rash (and searching my own blog to prove that he already has had Fifths disease) that it was something else.

I still wasn’t too worried. (Me, right? I know. Crazy.)

But by nighttime, he was pretty much covered. And itchy. And miserable. Poor little guy.

After a very sleepless night for both of us (him from itching, me from listening to him breathe to make sure his throat wasn’t closing – yes, that’s the worrier in me.)

I knew the doctor’s office would think I was a little nutty that I thought my son had strep throat with a mildly red throat, no vomiting, no abdominal pain, and a very low-grade fever. But that rash. Man, he looked like a little sandpaper tomato by the time we got there. The doctor called the rash “impressive.” (We like to impress…)

But they did the culture and in fact he was positive for strep so yes, his second case of Scarlet Fever in his short three-years of life. Boo. This opens the door for more worrying about rheumatic fever which we have faced before. For now, the rash is the telltale sign when he gets strep. But at some point he may outgrow the rash symptom. Unless he begins to show other symptoms when he gets strep, we would never know he has it. And that is bad, bad, bad.

For now, he’s on an antibiotic, getting lots of fluids, and hopefully a good night’s rest tonight. I fear his skin is going to peel this time (which it didn’t last time) because this rash feels so rough and covers so much of his skin.

Oh and Maggie came home from school with a stomach ache. (Shoot me now.) She seems to have bounced back. Hopefully I won’t be looking back on that and realizing I missed something. This mama can’t take any more puke (her telltale sign for strep.) I did, however, veto our dinner plans of pizza, just in case.


One response to “more scarlet than fever

  1. Thinking of you! My Trenches are contaminated too!

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